New design

Our team tried hard to move to a new, progressive design. When creating a new type of wallet, we took into account all the wishes of our users, and also prepared a platform for future updates. Today, we will talk a little about what results we have achieved.

Binding to telegram settings

Thanks to the binding to the telegram settings, we managed to hide the control buttons in the top panel of the web application window, as well as prepare it for language settings and currency change, if necessary. A great achievement was also the mode of changing the themes of the wallet, which now directly depends on the one you have installed in Telegram.

Wallet button and balance animation

With the new menu branch, interaction has become even easier. The submenu has only 2 actions: send and receive. Choose an action, choose a coin and make a payment! We are also sure that you will be pleased with the new balance animation, which will be updated with each new visit to the wallet itself.

Other improvements

All wallet creation pages have also undergone external changes, starting from the very first one. We’ve tightened up security controls to allow you to use a more complex password, as well as a system to restore access to your wallet if you lose access to your account.

Despite the fact that we managed to solve the main problem of the wallet in the face of decentralization, we still offer our users to use 2FA in Telegram settings so that your account is protected by 2 controls.