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I am getting an error. Can't create Bivreost wallet

The main reason why you may be denied the creation of a wallet is that you do not have a Telegram username. Set a name in your account settings and try again.

Are my tokens stored securely in the Bivreost wallet?

Bivreost is decentralized. We do not store keys to access your funds. The user is personally responsible for the safety of his mnemonic phrase and may lose access to funds only if he transfers it to intruders.

Can I use the mnemonic phrase of the Bivreost wallet to transfer my cryptocurrency to another wallet?

Of course. You can use the mnemonic phrase with any wallet that supports the Bip39 standard. When transferring, be careful to make sure that the resource receiving the mnemonic phrase is genuine.

Where can I go for technical questions?


You can always contact our technical department at

Write to us if you have any questions

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