web wallet

Bivreost is a telegram web crypto wallet designed for active social interaction.

New standards

The wallet includes new solutions and its own innovations in the rules for transferring cryptocurrencies, which significantly distinguishes it from other versions offered by the market

Quick responses to received payments
Without crypto addresses
Support for telegram chats and channels

More than just a crypto wallet

We know which combination of features you really missed.

No additional installation required

All you need to use our wallet is Telegram. Additional installation and registration is not required.


You can forget about long inconvenient addresses. With us, you can exchange cryptocurrency between Telegram contacts.


We do not have access to your funds. Your keys are your cryptocurrency.

Place for your gathering

Are you a Telegram channel administrator? Add a wallet to your chat and let your followers exchange crypto easily with a few clicks.

We always listen to users

Our loyal users have shared super reviews about our new app

With @bivreost, it seems like the intuitiveness has been taken care of diligently during the product development. A separate installation of Bivreost is not necessary. All the better, there is no registration process at all!

IOTA Penguin

4:04 PM 11.08.2022, Twitter

We 🧡 Bivreost


5:52 PM 22.08.2022, Twitter

I like @shimmernet , @tanglepaycom @assembly_net ,but most exciting projets @bivreost on @iota ecosystem. Why, Telegram wallet and feeles. Keep building….

Token Hunted

10:44 PM 9.09.2022, Twitter

Every time I see a new @bivreost update I am amazed at how fast the team is delivering.


9:01 PM 14.08.2022, Twitter

@bivreost very cool application on telegram. Thanks Bivreost.

Oliver Bohl

12:02 PM 23.07.2022, Twitter

Go and try the new Alpha version of @bivreost

Really nice designed, fast, fee-less and great user experience.

IOTA Trading Cards

12:19 AM 15.10.2022, Twitter

Experience it right now

The first crypto wallet for fast social interaction.